What I’m up to

 Hey there, I’m Grant. This is my blog, for my website. Pretty neat, right? I figure that I should share my goals with this page and other things. Firstly, this site is focused on my adventures in computerland™️ and it should expected to find such nerdy stuff here. I’m getting into Java after being something of a C elitist, and I’ve learned that generally it’s about finding and using the right tool for the task at hand. I’ve also done this whole thing of making almost all of my stuff dependent on Google after staying away for so long; All of this is built with Google Domains, Blogger, GCP instead of something else. It’s pretty convenient having it all work together, and I get a bonus of being able to create the idea of Grantware. Grantware is a stupid little name I came up with to have for like my organization stuff, and I expect to be doing business under that name in places like the App Store. I’ve got some handy tools that make it not difficult to manage other people that join me in